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What Does it Really Take to Adopt a Child in Under a Year?

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Adopt This Year Fast Track Coaching Programs

for Conscious Women

Get Paper Pregnant! The Crucial First 90 Days


Have you been waiting, wishing, hoping for a child long ENOUGH?

  • Do you feel deep in your heart that this is your moment to get on the fast track to motherhood, if you only knew HOW?
  • Is living with all this love to give bottled up inside you becoming intolerable?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or discouraged with all the negative stories and energy out there on the internet when you research adoption?
  • Does adoption feel like one big UNKNOWN that inspires fear and has caused you to delay and avoid making a decision?

If you’re a smart, resourceful, heart-centered woman with a calling to become a mother through adoption NOW (or maybe yesterday :) ), I want you to know two things:

  1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with YOU and
  2. You are not alone. I know how you feel

Because I was in your shoes just a few short years ago.

I thought it was ME.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Hunter and my husband and I adopted our four amazing children in under five years in a joyful, in-the-flow kind of way that I now look back on as the four most miraculous & transformational experiences of my life to date.




But at the beginning I SO didn’t feel this way! I was struggling & frantic and impatient…

  • I KNEW in every cell of my body that I was meant to become a mother, but struggles with infertility had left me feeling down & almost like a failure.
  • I had no clue where to begin and the adoption process, didn’t know who to trust
  • I knew no one intimately who had adopted

I had so many questions that kept me up at night, but unlike those infertility gurus I’d been to at the big city sterile, high profile clinics, there were no adoption gurus to ask who would tell you exactly what to do.

Four kids, four adoptions and five years later, I’ve learned the truth: Every woman who adopts feels frustrated and unsure in the beginning.IMG_0063

Because there is something fundamentally broken & unnecessarily complicated in the way adoption works. 

And yet nevertheless, despite it all,  adoption has been the source of the four greatest miracles I’ve experienced in my life.  It’s brought me profoundly closer to my husband.  It’s taught me things about myself I would never have learned otherwise.

And my four remarkable children (I believe ALL  adoptive children are remarkle & make a sacred agreement to do BIG WORK on the planet)  and the journey we get to take with them each & every day as their parents, brings the most indescribable joy, delight, deep gratitude and humility to our lives.  In other words, it’s awesome beyond awesome.


Adoption is a Journey Not to be Missed…


I promise you, despite what you may have heard, once you figure out your gameplan & get up to speed, you will feel the same way.  So keep reading, do not let ANYTHING stop you.   Because it is SO worth it!




The adopt This Year Fast Track Coaching Programs

For Conscious Women Beginning their Adoptions

Foundation Level Package

Get Paper Pregnant!

The Crucial First 90 Days

For Conscious Women Beginning their Adoptions

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Ready To Get Started

I’ll be honest.  I’ve designed these program for women who are like I was when I began our first adoption:  ready to jump in, roll up their sleeves, collapse the timeline,  and GET IT DONE.  Like yesterday.

So if you are a passionate, conscious, spiritual go getter who is fiercely committed to becoming a mother within one year, then this is the program to get you there.

first hours as a momThe first 90 days of an adoption is very similar to the first trimester in a pregnancy.  It’s the time when the biggest complications happen, it’s the time of the greatest change and transformation.  It’s the foundation of all life to come.

In this 90 day intensive coaching program, you’ll be mentored & coached  step by step every week to take simple, clear consistent actions and you’ll have someone to advise you, strategize, and be accountable to every step of the way.

And here’s the part that I know will help you sleep at night:  I am not aligned or affiliated with any agency, attorney or other adoption professional.  My ONLY AGENDA is to fully support you every step of the way to successfully adopt the child that will make your life feel fantastic and complete.

In this 90 day coaching package you will learn:

  • The most important things you can & must do in the first 90 days to collapse the timeline & bring your child home THIS year
  • How to avoid the most common mistake adoptive parents make (almost in the first 90 days)
  • How to nail the 3 most important decisions in your entire adoption
  • Precise directions to create a daily practice that, if done faithfully, will attract the perfect child for you & your family NOW–a child you will DELIGHT in parenting and who you will love madly! (Yes You really do get to decide).
  • How Take the guesswork out of adopting a child and confidently create your customized adoption plan in the first 30 days

My proven mindset system for a win-win-win adoption for ALL concerned.  You will hardly believe how amazing it feels to adopt with a fierce & unwavering commitment to a positive outcome & to adopt from a pure, open hearted place of love. Bottom line:  this is where you & your partner actively make yourself available for  miracles to happen, plain and simple.

THIS 90 day intensive coaching program is the fastest & most powerful route available to collapse the timeline, expand your vision of what is possible for you in adoption, BLAST THROGH STUCKNESS, FEAR and OVERWHELM and step into a new sacred season in your life.

At the end of this 90 day intensive coaching package, you will be Paper Pregnant!

This means

there’ll be no more guesswork, no more overwhelm, and all those fears that keep you up at night will be GONE:

you’ll have a customized step by step, do-able adoption plan completely mapped that makes you SO HAPPY & CONFIDENT about your future.

You’ll  feel a sacred connection to your future child. And You’ll be on trajectory to bring your child home within a year, knowing the exact actions to take to get you there.

You’ll be on trajectory to bring your child home within a year, knowing the exact actions to take to get you there.

This program includes  one FULL day of private (live or skype) one on one coaching, followed by 11 weekly coaching implementation calls

Part strategy boot camp, part nurturing supportive red tent style mastermind retreat, we’ll first spend a day together in a beautiful & inspiring hotel setting (or on skype) and really hone

in on what your dream adoption looks like and map out in great detail the step by step do-able route to get you there, often in under a year. THIS YEAR Then we’ll take your customized adoption gameplan and work together by phone weekly to implement it and put all the key foundational pieces of your adoption in place so that you are on track to adopt a child within one year.

plus if you sign up before March 15, you will get a  MAJOR fast action discount and instead of the fullt $2,500 price you’ll pay ONLY $2,000 (prices go up on April 1)

Given the fact that the average U.S. private domestic adoption is around $25-30,000, why have I priced this package so  low?

Because I believe no one should have to do their adoptions alone without expert guidance and this price makes it a no brainer!


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Look, you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s  what women like you are saying about The Get Paper Pregnant! coaching program

(Obviously adoption is a highly personal & private process, so I am withholding some of the names per individual request, but the words & results are straight from the heart of my current clients)

“Everyone around me says I am so calm, clear and centered and seem so “good” about our adoption process (why do they seem so surprised?). With Elizabeth’s guidance, we created a step by step adoption plan that feels totally do-able. We are connecting with amazing adoption professionals we truly click with. Before working with Elizabeth, I had experienced  several long & painful years of infertility depression & stuckness. This new level of flow, confidence and ease is just the kickstart I needed to be on track for completing our adoption in fall  2015.”

“From the very first session with Elizabeth, miracles seemed to start happening, both inside me, with breakthroughs and movement in areas that had been stuck for years, and outside, with an amazing social worker who totally GET US showing up at our house to do our homestudy and offering all sorts of incredible support within one week of starting the program!”

Elizabeth, I’m reading your words again as I listen to my 9 month old daughter sleep, and I remembered that they helped bring her to us. I learned about your technique called “finding the birth mother who is looking for you” when you first shared it last year, and then again the night before we met our daughter’s birth parents for the first time. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your unique perspective and wisdom with us. You are making a difference!— Lauren, new adoptive mother”

Elizabeth is a dynamic & motivational leader who has created an amazing adoptive family and life. I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is considering adopting a child. Her creative, thoughtful feedback opened me up to totally new possibilities & solutions. Her kindness and humor were just the medicine I needed.— Christine Kerr, MD and mom”

If you’ve waited long ENOUGH to become a mother, are fiercely bound and determined to bring your child home THIS year,  & are ready to do whatever it takes to attract the perfect child for YOUR family (one who is an absolute joy to parent!) then this is the program to get you there.  At the end of this 90 day intensive coaching package, you will be Paper Pregnant–which means  no more guesswork, no more overwhelm, and all those fears that keep you up at night will be GONE: you’ll have a customized step by step, do-able adoption plan completely mapped that makes you SO HAPPY & CONFIDENT about your future. You’ll  feel a sacred connection to your future child. And You’ll be on trajectory to bring your child home within a year, knowing the exact actions to take to get you there.


Sign up TODAY and we can immediately schedule your one day private adoption coaching intensive (7 hours of personal expert attention) which kicks off the 90 day package without your having any wait time(limited dates available so if this is for you and you are ready to move on your adoption, don’t hesitate).

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