Elizabeth Hunter is known as the Adoption Goddess. While in the process of adopting four children in under five years, she accidentally stumbled upon a totally different way of approaching the adoption process that uses each parent’s practical inner wisdom to get better results with their adoptions while actually enjoying the journey to their forever child.

She and her husband brought their children home in four fast, smooth, life-changing adoptions (that cost 35% less than the average U.S. domestic adoption). She took what she’d learned, helped fifty other families adopt, and created the Adoption Goddess mentoring programs.

Hunter guides prospective parents through a 5 step system that allows them to experience the miracle of adoption while eliminating much of the pain and heartache commonly associated with the adoption process.

Her book, Adoption Goddess, a woman’s guide to adopting a child and falling in love with life along the way, is due out this year.

To find out more about working with Elizabeth email support@adoptiongoddess.com.