Discovery Session

Do you feel like you’re wasting time playing an adoption guessing game? A breakthrough is just 30 minutes away...



 Elizabeth offers Complimentary 30 minute Adoption Breakthrough Sessions to women ready to receive support to blast  through overwhelm & confusion and fast-track an in-the-flow adoption that leaves them glowing with happiness (often in just one year).



Maybe you wanted to get pregnant and didn’t. Maybe you never had the slightest interest in getting pregnant. Either way, EVERY woman has within her  the innate ability to CREATE LIFE.

These days, we women are no longer defined by our ability to physically give birth to our children. However, we thrive in creative, life affirming & collaborative settings.

That’s why the adoption process…the endless paper chase, the slightly competitive & sleazy vibe, the isolation from a supportive & collaborative community of other women, often feels unnatural & leads to high levels of stress. We become cut off from our greatest gifts and strengths as women. Just when we need them the most!

I adopted my own four beautiful children lightning quick in under five years for significantly less money than the average U.S. domestic adoption. I walked around glowing like a pregnant woman.  I discovered a newfound sense of passion and purpose. But it took literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of  research and I felt isolated from my pregnant woman friends.

That’s why I’m now passionate about teaching women to create their own amazing adoptions in a creative, collaborative & feminine way that gets results fast.  Often in just one year. 

During Your Breakthrough Session You Will…

  • Learn a 3 step process to master roller coaster emotions & make adoption decisions you won’t regret (it’s like adoption gold)
  • Talk about your particular adoption situation and zero in on what might be preventing or delaying you from getting to your child by the fastest route possible.
  • Ask your number one biggest adoption question (the one that keeps you up at night).
  • Leave the session with a breakthrough–some piece of the puzzle small or large that is crucial for you to identify to get on purpose and into action on your adoption TODAY.

We’ll identify where you need the most guidance and support, and see if we’re a good fit for working together in one of my Paper Pregnancy Coaching Programs.

The key is that you are clear & inspired in taking your next step, and after your Adoption Breakthrough Session I am confident you will be!

To schedule your Breakthrough Session, please fill out the application below and press “Submit My Application” (button will appear when you are finished).
Someone from our team will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a time for your Breakthrough Session!

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