Things I Learned From My Four Year Old About Finding Your Way In The Darkness

December 21, 2011

“Let me learn to love the night as I know and love the day.  Let me learn to trust its darkness and to seek its subtle blessings.  Let me learn the night’s way of seeing.”– J Phillip Newell, Celtic benediction The Lantern Walk (12/11) We park the car on an angle on the grassy edge of […]

My Visit to the Grief Room: Post Adoption Depression and Finding the Strength to Fall Apart

October 27, 2011

Spring Comes on Like a Bad Lounge Act Spring really pissed me off when it finally showed up– a diva demanding attention–after an endlessly snowy winter in upstate New York. It seemed to scream with an over-the-top happiness I couldn’t share. Crocuses, daffodils & hyacinths popped their beaming, adorable faces out from near frozen ground; […]

Angels and Marigolds: Waiting on Adoption Referral Psychosis

May 16, 2011

(update: I began this blog with the following post, first published smack dab in the middle of our third and four adoptions in January 2010. I thought you’d like the backstory. We did end up bringing home our two children from Rwanda, Moses and Beatrice. You can read rest of the whole crazy journey of […]

What Are You Waiting For? Adoption Inertia and How I Faced It Down

April 17, 2011

Are you waiting to feel more motivated (or less scared) before taking the next step in your adoption? Does it sometimes feel like it would be better to just walk away? Before you give up on ever finishing your adoption, read this reposting from one year ago today (I remember because it was the day […]

How to Choose the Right Adoption Agency (in Seven Steps)

April 10, 2011

Here’s my 7 step method for choosing an adoption professional. I used it for each of our four adoptions and it never let me down. This is the single most important decision you’ll make, so take the time to really nail it! Doing these steps gave me confidence and saved months if not years of time […]

Why Adoption is Sexy, or Adoption 101 for Creative Types

April 1, 2011

My Story:  Crisis at the fertility clinic Journal entry, March 26. 2004.  7:00 am.  At a well known fertility clinic outside NYC… “I’m sitting in the waiting room.  Six women have gone ahead of me already for various tests & treatments. For some reason I am very nervous and emotional.  I hate how much I […]

Celebrating the March Thaw: Adoption and Coming Alive

March 9, 2011

(Please share your comments at the bottom of the post: How much risk can you handle?  How fully alive do you feel?  How much do you embrace your weaknesses?   How far do you stretch? xxoo) The Deep Freeze It’s the time of year when muffled sounds of water gurgle from under rock solid ice. […]

My Long & Winding, Ten-Mile-an-Hour-Behind-a-School-Bus, Got Lost, Pot-Holed Road to Becoming an Adoption Goddess

February 18, 2011

“In life, it’s vitally important that you buy your own crown and declare yourself Queen, and then spend the rest of your life living into that.” –Jill Connor Browne, Sweet Potato Queens‘ Guide to Love Welcome to Adoption Goddess, my blog’s new home. I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to crown me Queen […]

A Big, Fat Happy New Year to You!

December 29, 2010

  I know many of you have been waiting to hear the conclusion to my happy little jaunt to the local Benedictine Monastery for a Mini Break/Sanity Saver from Mothering. And it was quite the getaway, what with the Great Silence (I accidentally found myself in the middle of a two day silent retreat!), the bewitched […]

The Mother's Rebellion

December 6, 2010

The Set Up This woman is hanging on by a very thin thread.  And I dig that about her.  But seriously,  she is about to blow. That’s what I thought when I stumbled upon last week’s post on my desktop accidentally. Randomly reading the words out of context, with the eye of a stranger, I […]