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“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them”.–Marianne Williamson

Are You a Smart, Conscious Woman Ready to Get Paper Pregnant in just ONE DAY?



IMG_6038Hi, my name is Elizabeth Hunter and my husband and I adopted our four amazing children in under five years in a joyful, in-the-flow kind of way that I now look back on as the four most miraculous & transformational experiences of my life to date.

Here we are today…

When you adopt with a fierce & unwavering commitment to a positive outcome for all concerned, and from a pure, open hearted place of love, miracles happen, plain and simple.  Miracles are not for other people.  They are available to everyone


If a woman can get pregnant in just one moment, I believe an adoptive mother-to-be can do it in just ONE DAY.

I’m all about empowering women with high level coaching, strategy, information and tools so that they can get into motion, do the work and receive their own adoption miracle–in the form of a detailed step by step custom made completely inspiring & well thought out adoption gameplan– RIGHT NOW. In just one day.

If you’re a woman who’s been waiting, wishing and hoping for a child LONG ENOUGH, and now you’re ready to roll up your sleeves dive deep, get clear, work hard, have fun, get passionate, let go of the baggage, take immediate action, receive support, get inspired and most of all…GET IT DONE…

I invite you to check out my ONE DAY adoption coaching intensives:

Part strategy boot camp, part nurturing supportive red tent style mastermind retreat, we’ll spend a day together in a beautiful & inspiring hotel setting and really hone in on what your dream adoption looks like and map out in great detail the step by step do-able route to get you there, often in under a year. THIS YEAR.

THIS ONE DAY is the fastest & most powerful route available to collapse the timeline, expand your vision of what is possible for you in adoption, BLAST THROGH STUCKNESS, FEAR and OVERWHELM and step into a new sacred season in your life.

Something happens when a woman gets out of indecision and frantic-ness and DECIDES–ONCE AND FOR ALL–to get this key area of her life handled and to Do IT RIGHT.  Want to know what a difference a day makes?   Consider committing to this ONE DAY to figure it all out, to think it through to the end,  rather than spending the next  months if not years flailing about playing the ADOPTION GUESSING GAME.


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It’s all about uncovering & celebrating your strengths.

It’s about getting high level expert guidance, feminine support,  smart strategy and doing your homework.

It’s about releasing your hidden power.

It’s about connecting from your heart with the soul of your child and this child’s birth parents from day one.

Once you do these core pieces of preparation, the whole seemingly complicated adoption system actually goes to work on your behalf. 

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Here’s what I know about adoption…

If you genuinely feel a “call” to adopt a child, I believe with all my heart there is literally a child out there calling you! Your child is counting on you to take action. Delays of days, weeks or months do matter (my oldest adopted daughter has shared with me the anxiety she felt in the weeks when she was waiting for me to show up) Trusting your instincts and acting with confidence is your first assignment as a mother.

This program is one private full day intensive including a gorgeous lunch with Elizabeth in the creative & inspiring Hudson Valley of New York (close to NYC airports) or can be done as a skype intensive.

Payment: $1500.00 Now (or) To find out if this program is right for you, Schedule a Breakthrough Session with Elizabeth

Program Details:

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